Last Updated: 18th December 2017    


Broadband CDMA/GSM 3 EL Collinear F'Glass

Code / Short Name: 732

This antenna is ground independent.

Frequency: 825-960MHz

Gain: 7dBi

The LASER Code 732 is a rugged slim line fibreglass high gain antenna which uses our patented LASER R.E.A.C.T system to provide a low VSWR. An Allen key for element removal is also supplied.

  • Tuned for both CDMA and GSM
  • No tuning necessary
  • Rugged fibreglass element
  • Flexible slim line design
  • Approx 950mm long
  • Heavy duty spring base
  • Complete with 4m low loss double shield coax attached

732 - Complete:
1302 - Part: Element Only
1402 - Part: Transformer & Coax Only
987 - Part: Heavy Duty Spring

Typical Elevation Radiation Pattern

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