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Excellent radio and mobile communications relies heavily on the quality of the antenna being used. At Laser we manufacture and supply antennas using our patented R.E.A.C.T system entitled impedance means to ensure the best possible antenna performance. Laser Antenna provides a wide range of Antennas including:

  • Mobile
  • Fixed
  • Handheld
  • Base Station

Each Laser Antenna is tested before shipment to ensure that the antenna will perform to its specified ratings and is free from any material or assembly defect.



New cellular multiband antennas just released:

Code: [741] -- Collinear - Fibreglass Radome 850 - 900 - 1800 - 1900 - 2100MHz

Code: [745] -- Collinear - Fibreglass Radome 850 - 900 - 1800 - 1900 - 2100MHz

Code: [746] -- Marine - Collinear - Fibreglass Radome 850 - 900 - 1800 - 1900 - 2100MHz

Data Modem Antenna

With the introduction of the NEXT G (850MHz) DATA MODEMS we are being asked for higher gain antennas than the ones supplied with the modems themselves.

To solve this problem we have put together some answers depending on your modem and the area in which you want to use it.

The Modems themselves have different antenna connections on them and you will require a patch lead or adaptor plug in most cases to be able to connect to an external antenna

We have put together some PORTABLE solutions that you can carry around with you as well as being able to use the existing CDMA (850MHz) mobile antennas with the appropriate adaptor or lead for your vehicle application.

If you require an antenna for a fixed location, or where you need a directional antenna, we recommend you use either of the 2 Yagi’s at 850MHz (plus the appropriate length of LMR400 cable) to get a better reception in a building situation. The 15 element Yagi - Code 641 - is recommended for maximum coverage in fixed rural locations where signal strength is low.

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